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Glitter powder

Nov 21, 2016

Glitter (glitter), also known as Flash, flash powder, because specifications also called glitter sequins consists of very high brightness of different thickness of PET, PVC, OPP metal materials of aluminum plating, coating formed by precision cutting. Glitter powder particle size from 0.004mm-3.0mm can be produced. Environmental protection is of PET material. The shape of Tetragonal, hexagonal, rectangular or prismatic class. Glitter pink into laser Silver Gold, laser, laser color (including red, blue, green and purple-pink and black), silver, gold and color (red, blue, green and purple-pink and black) Symphony series. Colors are combined with surface protective layer, bright, climate, temperatures mild corrosive chemicals with certain resistance and temperature resistance.

As a effect unique of surface processing material, gold onion powder widely application Yu Christmas crafts, and candle process, and cosmetics, and screen printing industry (cloth, and leather class, and business shoes class---shoes material class, and pictures series), and decorative material (process glass art products, and poly crystal glass; crystal figure glass crystal ball), and paint decoration, and furniture painting, packaging, Christmas gift, toy pen, field, its features is enhanced products of Visual effect, makes decorative part bump has level, more with icing. And its high Flash features, making ornaments galore, more glory.

There are cosmetics, as well as in the field of cosmetics eye shadow, Nail Polish and nail art products have a wide range of applications.

Because of the glitter is a plastic membrane and coating form light effect is widely used in the food packaging industry. Glitter powder added to food is strictly prohibited.

With the development of science and technology, glitter in various fields will become more and more widely used.