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Plastic advantages

Nov 21, 2016

1. Most plastic corrosion resistance ability, do not react with acid and alkali.

2. Plastic manufacturing and low cost.

3. Durable, waterproof, lightweight.

4. Easy plastics made in different shapes.

5. Is a good insulator.

6. Plastics can be used in the preparation of fuel oils and fuel gas, this would reduce oil consumption.


1. recycle waste plastic, classification is difficult, and it is not economically viable.

2. burn, produce toxic gases when burned. Such as during combustion of polystyrene to produce toluene, which few can lead to blindness, breathing symptoms such as vomiting, PVC combustion will produce toxic fumes of hydrogen chloride, in addition to combustion, is high temperature environment, can lead to plastic decomposing toxic ingredients, such as benzene and so on.

3. plastic is made from petroleum refining products, oil resources are limited.

4. plastic buried underground for hundreds of years, thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years would not rot.

5. plastic heat-resistance and other poor, easy to aging.

6. could not be natural degradation of the plastic, and it has become the number one enemy of mankind, has also led to the tragedy of the death of many animals. Like Zoo of monkey, Pelican, dolphin, animal, will errors swallow visitors readily lost of 1th, plastic bottle, last due to not digest and pain to died; looked to beautiful pure of sea Shang, go near has see, actually floating full has various of cannot for marine by accommodate of plastic garbage, in more only died seabirds sample of intestines in, found has various of cannot was Digest of plastic.