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Plastic key features

Nov 21, 2016

Most plastic light weight, chemical stability, will not rust;

Good impact resistance;

Has good abrasion resistance and transparency;

Good insulation, low thermal conductivity;

General formability, good coloring, low processing costs;

Most plastic heat-resistant low thermal expansion rate, flammable;

Poor dimension stability, easy deformation;

Most plastic low temperature tolerance of difference, become brittle at low temperatures, and aged;

Some plastic is easy to dissolve in a solvent.

Plastics for thermosetting and thermoplastic can be distinguished two classes, the former cannot be reshaped using, which can be repeated. Hot plasticity of its physical extension rate, usually in the 50%~500%. Changes in elongation force does not become linear.

Plastic properties determine the uses in industry, with the advancement of technology, research on modification of plastics has been stopped. Hope not too distant future, plastic by modification can have a wide range of applications, even in lieu of steel and other materials and no pollution to the environment.