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Plastics (polymers)

Nov 21, 2016

Plastics are monomers as raw materials, through adding a poly or condensation polymerization of polymer (macromolecules), commonly known as plastics (plastics) or resin (resin), and are free to change the composition and physical style, consists of synthetic resins and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments and other additives.

The main component of plastic resin. Resin this term is initially secreted by the animal and plant lipid name such as shellac and Rosin, resin is not yet hybrid polymers and additives. Accounted for 40%~100% of the total weight of plastic resins. The basic properties of plastics depends on the nature of the resin, additives play an important role. Some plastics are essentially made up of synthetic resin, not containing or containing less additives, such as acrylic, polystyrene and so on.

The so-called plastic, in fact, it is a kind of synthetic resin, shaped similar to the natural resin of pine resin, synthetic chemical means, are called plastic ...