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Application Of Natural Pigment Textile

Nov 21, 2016

Among widely used in the food industry, natural pigments, textile, clothing, home textile industry has also been widely used as a natural dye, but not all pigments can be used as a dye. Textile needs washing, rubbing fastness, washing fastness, there are more demands on fastness. But as extracted from the natural plant pigment dye is in line with the trend of the times. Received widespread attention and use.

The principle of using natural pigments

International management was not very strict on natural pigment, pigment used, just remember the three principles of unimpeded, these three principles:

(1) selection of internationally recognized natural pigments;

(2) for all the food that is found to be color palette;

(3) the food is added to the color pigments should be lower than the highest level of control. For example beet extract in Sweden are allowed to use natural pigments, but was only allowed to be used in special foods, such as sugar, flour, cakes and edible icing, its usage may be limited in the consumption of sugar-coated in the amount of not more than 20 mg/kg (beet red).