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Characteristics And Uses Of Pigment Red

Jun 27, 2017

Pigment red in the external wall paint commonly used in the red pigment is a single azo red (PR112), quinacridone red (PR122), quinacridone violet (PV19 red phase purple), anthraquinone red (PR168) and other pigments. Monazo red pigment weatherability in general, but the high color strength, bright colors; quinacridone pigment, whether it is dark or washed color of the weatherability are good, Pigment Red dilute the weather resistance and even slightly increased; anthraquinone ketone red The best weather resistance. PR112 can not be used for light colors, which can be used in the middle color gamut, especially for dark red and light colors, with better weatherability as a result of the degradation of organic pigments and darkness. Ketone pigment and anthraquinone red pigment. Pigment Red Monicolor palette system has strict rules for this: PR112 can not be used for A base paint (white paint), in the B-based paint (semi-white paint) in the amount of each litter shall not be less than 136 units (one unit = 01308ml) ; In the C base paint (varnish) in the amount of not less than half the amount of titanium white pulp. This rule ensures that each color recipe has good weather resistance. DPP series of red paint (such as PR254) has a good weather resistance, but its price is too high, the performance has exceeded the requirements of latex paint on the paint, rarely used in latex paint, Pigment Red and mainly used in high-grade automotive finish.

Pigment red physical characteristics

Product Name: Pigment Red A3B C.I. Structure Number: 65300

International Index No .: Pigment Red 177 Heat Resistance :: ≤280 ℃

CAS Registry Number: 4051-63-2 Oil absorption: 55 ± 5

Light resistance :: 7-8 Chemical categories: anthraquinones

Molecular formula: C28H16N2O4 Appearance: red powder

Pigment Red Product Features and Uses

The varieties are mainly used for coating, pulp coloring and polyolefin and PVC coloring; with inorganic pigments such as molybdenum chromium red fight color, giving bright, light and weather resistant excellent dosage form for automotive paint primer and repair paint; Pigment Red Resistance to stability, HDPE heat resistance up to 300 ℃ (1 / 3SD), and no dimensional deformation; transparent formulations for a variety of resin film coating and coin-specific ink coloring.