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Characteristics Of Plant Pigments

Nov 21, 2016

The vast majority of plant pigments without side effects and high security. Plant pigment anthocyanin, carotenoids, flavonoids compounds, is a class of bio-active substances and plant functional active ingredients in medicines and health food. In view of the plant pigments as the coloring additives used in food, drugs and cosmetics, the amount of dose-effect ratio does not meet medical and health products. Health food applications, this type of plant pigments play boosts the body's immune functions, antioxidant, blood lipids and other auxiliary role in ordinary foods can be fortified to play a secondary role and antioxidant effects.

Color tones more natural plant pigment, either increase the tone, and close to natural color, is the beauty of a natural plant pigment content in plant body, purification is difficult, including coexistence exists, or may produce odors, so production costs higher than the synthetic pigment.

Most of the plant pigments to light, heat, oxygen, organisms and metal ions and values change, poor stability using part of plant pigments to add antioxidants, stabilizers improve product life-cycle.

Most of the poor plant pigment dyed, dye was not uniform, has no pigment, freshness and bright.

Plant pigment variety and complexity, a plant pigment, application-specific resistance, applications have certain limitations.