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Many Varieties Of Pigments

Aug 24, 2017

Pigment is a kind of colored powder particles, generally insoluble in water, can be dispersed in a variety of oil, solvents and resins and other media. It has a hiding power, color strength, relatively stable light, commonly used in the preparation of coatings, inks, and coloring plastics and rubber, Pigment it can be called a coloring agent.

Pigment function and function

1, to give paint and coating a lot of color, improve the coating decoration and protection

2. Coating hiding power and brightness of the guarantee

3. Color resistance (light, weather, acid, alkali, solvent resistance, temperature, etc.) guarantee

4. pigment in the paint dispersion and color of the guarantee

5. Provide safe color

Pigment is a decorative and protective effect of colored material, it is insoluble in water, oil, resin and other media are usually used in the dispersion of paint, ink, plastic, rubber, textile, paper, Pigment enamel and building materials and other products , Plays a role in covering and giving color; while also increasing the intensity, increase the adhesion, special functions and so on.

Many varieties of pigments, so far no uniform classification method, Pigment usually by the production method, composition, function, structure and color classification.

Pigments, such as cinnabar, red clay, realgar, copper green, rattan, indigo, etc .; synthetic pigments, such as: titanium white, zinc barium white, lead chrome yellow, iron blue, Iron red, red red, red powder, phthalocyanine blue and so on.

Pigments according to their composition can be divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments.The above titanium dioxide, zinc barium white, lead chrome yellow, iron blue, iron red, red and other inorganic pigments; red powder, phthalocyanine blue and other organic pigments.

Pigment according to its function can be divided into coloring pigments, antirust paint, physical pigments and special pigments, coloring pigment function is mainly to give the product required color and hiding power; rust paint is to prevent metal corrosion, play a protective effect; Pigments have a low hiding power and tinting power, and the price is cheap, it can not only increase the cost of adding, more importantly, Pigment can increase the mechanical strength, durability, wear resistance, water resistance and stability.

Pigments are classified according to their chemical structure, such as organic pigments can be divided into azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, polycyclic pigments, etc .; inorganic pigments can be divided into iron pigments, chromium smoking, lead pigments, zinc pigments, , A phosphate pigment, a molybdate pigment, a borate pigment, and the like.

Pigments are classified according to their colors, such as white pigments, black pigments, yellow pigments, red pigments, green pigments, blue pigments and the like.