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Natural Pigments To Flourish

Nov 21, 2016

And awareness of the dangers of synthetic pigments is corresponding to deeper, natural color more and more attention.

Is distinct from the pigment, edible natural pigment is not only not toxic, and some still have a certain amount of nutrients, even some pharmacological effects. At present, the development of natural pigments, using natural pigments instead of synthetic pigments have become food and cosmetics industry trend.

It was reported that Japan allows the use of 97 kinds of natural pigments, accounted for 90% of the market share. Allows the use of the natural pigment in China also have 48 species.

However, due to natural pigments complex composition and structure may change during processing, or mixed with impurities, so also not blindly believe that it is absolutely pure and innocent. However, it is most certainly, modernization of production, management, analysis, testing, process improvement measures can be synthetic pigments, natural color the adverse impact to a safe level. As long as the use of synthetic pigments and natural pigments are in accordance with the national laws strictly enforced, pigment to bring people joy and pleasure, our world will be more beautiful.

People like to add pigment to the food to make it more attractive.