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PIGMENT RED 8 With High Tinting Strength

Aug 03, 2017

PIGMENT Red 8, such as high-quality organic pigments, mainly used in paint, Pigment Red 8 plastic and ink coloring, pigment red 8 bright color, stable quality, strong coloring, high temperature resistance.

PIGMENT RED 8 physicochemical properties: Solubility: In concentrated sulfuric acid in the yellow everbright red, diluted after the big red, in the case of concentrated nitric acid is blue-red, Pigment Red 8 the sodium hydroxide water solution does not change. Hue or shade: blue-red relative density: stacking density/(Lb/gal): Melting point/℃: Average grain size/μm: Particle shape: specific surface area/(m2/g): $number ph value/(10% slurry): Oil absorption/(g/100g): masking power: transparent.

PIGMENT RED 8 Product use: The pigment product dosage form has 20 kinds, gives the pure Blu-ray red, has the high coloring intensity, the bright shade. Pigment Red 8 Mainly used in printing inks of the pigment product dosage form has 20 kinds, give a pure Blu-ray red, with high coloring intensity, bright color. Mainly used in the printing ink coloring, transparent dosage forms in the packaging printing inks appear recrystallization, Pigment Red 8 affect the color and transparency, but to cover light paint, sterilization treatment sensitive, heat-resistant 140℃/30min;

PIGMENT RED 8 Synthesis Principle: 4-nitro-amino toluene (large red base g) with hydrochloric acid beating overnight, water diluted, cooled, liquid surface added sodium nitrite solution diazo, filtration, standby; the naphthol was dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution, Pigment Red 8 the acetic acid was weakly acidic, and the diazo-salt coupling was added, and then hydrochloric acid was used to acid, heat, filter, wash and dry.