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Pigment Red Light Resistant Performance Good

Jul 11, 2017

Some characteristics of pigment red in latex paint

Because of the rich color of latex paint, thin and bright shade can be selected, decorative effect is good, the use of long period of time, with acrylic emulsion as a film of the building paint in the city play an increasingly important role.

1. As an important component of latex paint, Pigment Red the choice and use of pigment red directly affect the color protection of latex paint, and the pigment red performance and application of knowledge, can guide the production of high-quality emulsion paint.

2. Pigment red in the process of use will not be affected by physical and chemical factors, generally insoluble in the use of the medium, Pigment Red but always in the original crystalline state. The coloring of pigment red is realized by selective absorption and scattering of light.

3. The application of pigment red in architectural paints is mainly done by pigment paste. Colorants are highly dispersed pigments prepared for preparation. The pigment red content in the paste was $number, the content of inorganic pigments was $number; the higher the pigment content was, Pigment Red the smaller the bad effect of the color paste system was. It requires a good dispersion of the paste. Good compatibility with water-based polymer emulsion, no binder, ethylene glycol and heavy metal ions harmful to human body; it is required that the color paste batch uniformity is good, the tinting force error is controlled in the ± 5% (higher requirements ± 3%); It is required that the color slurry can be mixed with latex paint in any proportion, and the composition and production conditions of various colorants vary with the properties of pigments.

Pigment red variety, Hue has Huang Xianghong, positive red, Lan Xianghong and dark and so on. Most pigment red is azo red pigment, the traditional azo pigment is strong, the heat resistance, light resistance and covering power are not very good, pigment migration is strong, not suitable for powder coating.

Some azo-colored lake varieties can be about 180 ℃, Pigment Red such as: pigment red pigment thinner, light resistance and dispersibility are not too good, low price, applicable to indoor powder coating. PIGMENT red 48:1 for bright Huang Xianghong, pigment red 48:2, 3, 4 for different degrees of blue phase red, pigment red 48:4 performance is better.

Most of azo-dye as all have good patience, color has Huang Xianghong, positive red and Lan Xianghong, good light performance, such as powder coating commonly used pigment red >170 $literal and F3RK, Pigment Red relatively moderate price, can be used for the light performance requirements of the outdoor powder coating. $literal is a slightly darker positive red phase, and F3rk is Huang Xianghong. such as: Hongyu pigment production of condensed azo, Pyrrole and Pyrrole (DPP), Anthraquinone and Quinolone and Perylene red and other high performance pigment red, with high temperature resistance, excellent resistance to light and weatherability, after surface treatment, its dispersibility and hiding power than ordinary azo pigments greatly improved, the price is relatively high, suitable for high demand outdoor powder coating.