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Pigment Red Meets EU Standards

Jun 14, 2017

Pigment red for benzimidazolone, given the blue light red tone, excellent heat stability, light fastness resistance and resistance to migration, mainly used in plastic (PVC, HDPE) and paint coloring.

Pigment red for the calcium salt lake organic pigments, organic pigments occupy a very important position, both the yield or the amount is very large, the variety is suitable for a variety of ink, Pigment Red shade in line with three or four color printing products Red standards, and also meet the relevant EU standards (such as aromatic amines and heavy metal content).

Pigment red in the ink has a good light fastness 4-5 (1/1 SD), high color strength, the preparation of 1/1 of the standard color depth, offset ink and lead ink only 18-20% of the pigment. Pigment Red The addition of certain second components during the synthesis process can change the color, particle size and distribution, and also improve the anti-emulsifying properties of the ink. In the ink pigment red resistance commonly used solvents, but poor acid and alkali resistance, sensitive to the varnish coating.

In the plastics industry, can be used for masterbatch and soft PVC, mainly used for light fastness requirements of the place is not high, due to poor lightfast performance, but also limits its coating, Pigment Red especially latex paint applications , But the pigment red as a classic pigment, in the market application still plays a very important role.