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Pigment Red Plays A Very Important Role

Sep 26, 2017

Pigment red variety, Hue has Huang Xianghong, positive red, Lan Xianghong and dark and so on. Most pigment red is azo red pigment, the traditional azo pigment is strong, the heat resistance, light resistance and covering power are not very good, pigment migration is strong, not suitable for powder coating use.

Pigment red to calcium salt color deposition organic pigments, in organic pigments occupies a very important position, whether it is the production or dosage is very large, Pigment Red the variety is suitable for a variety of printing inks, the shade in line with the three-color or four-color printing of the magenta standard, and also meet the relevant EU standards (such as aromatic amines and heavy metals content).

In the ink has a good light fastness 4-5 ($number SD), high coloring strength, 1/1 standard color depth, offset ink and letterpress ink only need $number pigments. The addition of some second parts in the synthesis process can change the shade. Size and distribution of the particles, Pigment Red but also improve the emulsion resistance of the ink.

In the plastic industry, can be used for masterbatch and soft PVC, it is mainly used in the low requirement of fastness, because of its poor performance, it also restricts its coating. Especially the application of latex paint, but pigment red as a classic pigments, in the market still play a very important role.

Some azo-colored lake varieties are capable of temperature of 180 ℃, such as: Pigment red 48:1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, pigment thinner, light resistance and dispersibility are not too good, inexpensive, can be used in indoor powder coating.

Pigment red for bright Huang Xianghong, pigment red 48:2, 3, 4 for different degrees of blue phase of red, pigment red most of azo color phenol as all have good patience, Pigment Red color has Huang Xianghong, positive red and Lan Xianghong, good light performance, such as powder coating commonly used pigment red 170 $literal and F3RK, relatively moderate price, It can be used for outdoor powder coatings with low light resistance. $literal is a slightly darker positive red phase, and F3rk is Huang Xianghong. such as: Yu Rainbow Pigment production Condensation azo class, Pyrrole and Pyrrole (DPP), some high performance organic pigments red, Pigment Red such as Anthraquinone and Perylene series red, have high temperature resistance, excellent light resistance and weatherability, and after surface treatment, their dispersibility and hiding power are much higher than common azo pigments, Pigment Red and the price is relatively high. Suitable for high demand outdoor powder coating.