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PIGMENT YELLOW 13 Bright Color

Jul 11, 2017

PIGMENT Yellow 13 has high temperature resistance characteristic, the color is vivid saturation

Application scope: Plastic application (PE, PVC, Rubber, SBC, TPO, TPU, EVA); Application data: Ph: 6-8, heat-resistant 220 degrees, light 6-7, acid and alkali-resistant 5 grade, Pigment Yellow 13 Sun fastness 5 grade, Hue: positive yellow. Spec.: 25 kg/carton

Pigment Yellow 13 is a substance that can make an object color-stained. Pigments have soluble and insoluble, inorganic and organic distinctions. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances, and humans have long known that the use of inorganic pigments, Pigment Yellow 13 the use of colored soil and minerals, on the rock wall painting and smearing the body. Organic pigments are generally taken from plants and marine animals, Pigment Yellow 13 such as Violet, Garcinia, and ancient Rome from shellfish.

Preparation method of Pigment Yellow 13: The method Diazo acid was used for diazo, then 2, 4-two-dimethyl-acetanilide after beating, high-pressure homogenization, and then cooling drops to increase the nitrogen, with sodium phosphate to adjust ph value. The final preparation of the C. I. Pigment yellow 13 diameter uniformity, granular soft, Pigment Yellow 13 with high tinting strength, stable performance, light resistance, good solvent resistance, in the plastic resistance of good migration.

PIGMENT yellow 13 than pigment yellow 12 solvent resistance to crystallization, good migration resistance, in line with the printing ink tone, Pigment Yellow 13 more European use of the varieties of modified formulations (pigment yellow 127; pigment yellow 176). The same specific surface area, particle size, the strength of 25%, the ball grinding is not easy to occur recrystallization, the same depth of light fastness than pigment yellow 12 high 1-2; the dosage form has high transparent, translucent and opaque type (irgalite yellow bkw surface area is 10m2/g). A large number of packaging for printing inks, glazing and sterilization treatment; used in plastic coloring, soft PVC in good migration resistance, light fastness (1/3SD) 6-7, due to the thermal cracking of pigments, limited to 200 ℃ in HDPE, only 0.12%