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Pigment Yellow 13 Good Solvent Resistance

Aug 24, 2017

Pigment Yellow 13 is mainly used in paint, plastic and ink coloring, etc. Pigment Yellow 13 Pigment yellow 13 bright color, stable quality, strong coloring, light and high temperature. Has a high color strength and high transparency, anti-crystallization in the ball mill, easy to disperse Sex, heat resistance than the CI pigment yellow 13 excellent, in line with the provisions of the European four-color printing ink offset ink requirements. Pigment Yellow 13 Mainly used in offset printing ink and gravure solvent packaging ink, Pigment Yellow 13 in the nitrocellulose binder solvent ink, showing high gloss and color strength.

Pigment Yellow 13 is a two-azo pigment with a light fastness of 4-5, good light fastness and weather fastness. It is mainly used in the printing ink industry and is particularly suitable for the preparation of oily ink products and plastics. Coloring can also be used for fabric printing paste coloring

(PE, PVC, rubber, SBC, TPO, TPU, EVA); Application data: PH value: 6-8, heat 220 degrees, light resistance 6-7 grade, acid and alkali 5 , Light fastness 5, hue: positive yellow.

Pigment yellow 13 preparation method, the method of diazo nitrous acid sulfuric acid for diazotization, and then 2,4-dimethyl diacetanilide through beating, high pressure homogenization, Pigment Yellow 13 and then dropping the diazo solution, with trisodium phosphate Adjust the pH value. The final preparation of C.I. Pigment yellow 13 uniform particle size, the particles are soft, with high color strength, stable performance, light resistance, solvent resistance, good resistance to migration in the plastic.