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Pigment Yellow 13 Performance Better

Aug 03, 2017

PIGMENT YELLOW 13 Solubility: Insoluble in water, Pigment Yellow 13 slightly soluble in toluene, in concentrated sulfuric acid, red orange, diluted brownish yellow precipitation.

Hue or shade: red yellow

Density/($literal): 1.4-1.3

Stacking density/(Lb/gal): 10.0-12.0

Melting Point/℃: 328-344

Average particle size/μm: 0.08-0.10

ph value/(10% slurry): 5.2-7.5

Specific surface area/(m2/g): 10-62

Oil absorption/(g/100g): 30-89

Pigment Yellow 13 Masking Power: Translucent

Pigment YELLOW 13 is red light yellow powder, density 1.30~1.45g/cm3, bright color, melting point 344 ℃. Heat up to 150 ℃ in rubber to maintain excellent stability. The performance is better.

There are 135 varieties of the dosage form. More than pigment yellow 12 solvent resistance to crystallization, good migration resistance, in line with the printing ink tone, Pigment Yellow 13 more European use of this variety of modified formulations (pigment yellow 127; pigment yellow 176). The same specific surface area, particle size, the strength of 25%, the ball grinding is not easy to occur recrystallization, the same depth of light fastness than pigment yellow 12 high 1-2; the dosage form has high transparent, translucent and opaque type (irgalite yellow bkw surface area is 10m2/g). A large number of packaging for printing inks, Pigment Yellow 13 glazing and sterilization treatment; used in plastic coloring, soft PVC in good migration resistance, light fastness (1/3SD) 6-7, due to pigment pyrolysis, limited to 200 ℃ in HDPE, only 0.12%.

Application scope: Plastic application (PE, PVC, Rubber, SBC, TPO, TPU, EVA); Application data: Ph: 6-8, heat-resistant 220 degrees, light 6-7, acid and alkali-resistant 5 grade, Sun fastness 5 grade, Hue: positive yellow. Spec.: 25 kg/carton