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PIGMENT YELLOW 14 Has Good Chemical Resistance

Sep 15, 2017

Pigment Yellow 14 is a selection of good weatherability of organic pigments, Pigment Yellow 14 the use of advanced processing technology and strict process control from the preparation of water-based pigments.

PIGMENT YELLOW 14 for polyolefin, heat resistance up to 200 ℃, Pigment Yellow 14 in the soft PVC more than a certain concentration of frost phenomenon, can also be used in the elastomer, rubber coloring;

Pigment YELLOW 14 content is high, the coloring power is high, the color is good, the particle size is small, the distribution is good, Pigment Yellow 14 the stability is not settled, the good fluidity, can pump, good chemical resistance, temperature resistance, light resistance and weathering resistance.

Pigment YELLOW 14 Application fields:

Building materials, home appliances and other coatings, Pigment Yellow 14 widely used in all types of water-based industry

Product Color: Yellow

Pigment index Number: P. Y. 14

Pigment content: 45%

Solid content; 60%

Acid Resistance: 5

Alkali Resistance: 5

Light Resistance: 6

Weather Resistance: 4

Fineness (<μm): 5

ph value; 7-9

Product characteristics: High pigment content, stable system