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The Pigment Is Soluble In Water

Aug 15, 2017

Pigment from the chemical composition to points, can be divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments two categories, its source can be divided into natural pigments and synthetic pigments. Natural pigments are mineral-derived, such as cinnabar, red clay, realgar, malachite green and heavy calcium carbonate

Pigments can be classified according to the type of compound contained: Inorganic pigments can be subdivided into oxides, chromates, sulfates, silicates, borates, molybdates, phosphates, vanadates, ferricyanates , Organic compounds such as hydroxides, sulfides, metals and the like; organic pigments can be divided into azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, anthraquinones, indeces, quinacridones, dioxazine and other polycyclic pigments, Such as pigments.

From the point of view of manufacturing and classification can be divided into titanium pigments, iron pigments, chrome pigments, lead pigments, zinc pigments, metal pigments, organic synthetic pigments, Pigment this classification method has practical significance, often a system can On behalf of a pigment specializing in the production industry.

From the application point of view can be divided into paint pigments, ink pigments, plastic paint, rubber paint, ceramic and enamel paint, pharmaceutical cosmetics pigments, art paint and so on. A variety of special pigments have some unique properties to meet the requirements of the application. Pigment production plant can also be targeted to recommend a series of professional users of pigment products.

Pigments usually have the following properties:


A color pigment is a pigment that selectively absorbs and scatters visible light

In the natural light conditions show yellow, red, blue, Pigment green and other colors.

Tinting power

The ability of a colored pigment to absorb incident light. Pigment Can be expressed as a relative percentage of the color strength of the standard pigment sample.

Hiding power

The ability to cover the surface color of the substrate in the film-forming material. Commonly used to cover 1 square meters of paint in the area of paint contained in the number of grams.


The pigment retains its original color performance under certain light. Pigment Generally use the eight system that eight.


Pigment in a certain natural or artificial weather conditions, to maintain its original performance. Generally used five-level system, five.


Mainly refers to moisture, the general provisions of not more than 1%.

Oil absorption

Refers to 100 grams of pigment to form a uniform clumps when the number of refined linseed oil to the small amount of oil as well, the oil absorption and pigment particles relative to the specific surface area and structure.

Water soluble

Pigments contain water-soluble substances, expressed as a percentage of the pigment's mass. Pigment Paint used in the paint, the water is often controlled in less than 1%.